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Katherine Olds

Katherine Olds
Katherine always suspected it was her calling to be a lawyer, but she ignored those suspicions as long as she could. She graduated from the Savannah College of Art & Design with a B.F.A. in Sound Design, performed and practiced improv while living and traveling all over Australia and Southeast Asia for a year, worked as a Sound Designer in Brooklyn, NY and quickly learned it was not for her, performed improv and interned for the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater at night and worked retail during the day, then finally realized there was no reason to keep fighting her calling to help people with a legal career.

Katherine moved to Detroit in 2017 to start classes at Wayne State University Law School, where she was selected to serve as the Vice President of Student Affairs of the Women’s Law Caucus; the Treasurer and board member of the Wayne State National Lawyers Guild chapter; and Assistant Editor, then Managing Editor, of the Wayne Law Review and was honored with the Silver Key Award.

She spent her 1L summer as an intern with the State Appellate Defender Office, where she worked in the juvenile lifer unit, helping with clients who were unconstitutionally sentenced to mandatory life without parole as juveniles try to get lesser, more just, sentences. She was an extern with the Sugar Law Center for Economic & Social Justice, where she helped workers fight for justice against big employers. Katherine received Wayne Law’s Public Interest Law Fellowship for her 2L summer spent learning how to be a movement lawyer with the Detroit Justice Center. She followed that up with Wayne Law’s Asylum and Immigration Law Clinic, where she and a partner represented an asylum-seeking client as a student attorney. Finally, she graduated!

Katherine is ecstatic to be an Associate Attorney at Marko Law, where she knows she can learn from the best to help people who have been wronged and need justice.

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  • Alan G. Avatar
    Alan G.

    Jonathan Marko is focused, tenacious and intense inside the courtroom, and an absolute pleasure to work with outside the courtroom.

  • Olivia H. Avatar
    Olivia H.

    I've know Jon Marko for years and he is simply the best. He has helped friends and family through tough times and I would trust him with any legal issue, considering that everyone I know that has hired him has had extremely favorable outcomes.

  • Rachel M. Avatar
    Rachel M.

    Legal situations can be overwhelming and intimidating. It’s nice to feel safe and trust your attorney. Someone was always available to answer my questions and concerns. My case turned out better than I expected. Wouldn’t have trusted another attorney with my case.

  • Kate M. Avatar
    Kate M.

    Mr. Marko has provided timely and excellent advice for legal matters I have had in the past. I would recommend Mr. Marko for any of your legal needs.

  • Shelby L. Avatar
    Shelby L.
    5 star rating

    I definitely recommend and endorse this lawyer. I initially heard of Jonathan Marko from a friend who met him at a Trial Lawyers College conference. The attorneys who learn at the college are top notch, and he didn't disappoint...he's brilliant, cares deeply, and works hard for his clients.

  • Issa H. Avatar
    Issa H.

    Excellent attorney and an asset to our community. This attorney's passion transcends the courtroom and anyone who retains him will have a prize fighter in their corner.

  • Audra C. Avatar
    Audra C.

    Talented lawyers, but even more amazing, empathetic human beings who sincerely put their client first and strive for nothing but the absolute best possible outcome for their clients.

  • Hamid S. Avatar
    Hamid S.

    Attorney Jon Marko is one of the finest attorneys I have ever had the opportunity to work with. His experience and calm courtroom demeanor leaves him unmatched, and makes him a truly aggressive advocate for his clients.

  • LJ N. Avatar
    LJ N.

    When I lauched my business I relied heavily on the expertise and understanding that Jon Marko provided. He help guide me and steer me away from many business pitfalls that cripple start-ups.

  • Nicholas S. Avatar
    Nicholas S.

    Shelley took my call and was awesome! She was funny, responsive, witty, and helpful. She was understanding, compassionate, and made sure to address all my needs.