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Rae Sremmurd Sued For Chucking a Water Bottle at Fan During Concert

When you go to a concert, you expect to get a live performance from your favorite artist that you will never forget. Unfortunately, for one fan, all he received after attending a Rae Sremmurd concert, was permanent scarring. Geoffrey Gleason has filed a lawsuit against the “Black Beatles” duo for throwing a water bottle at his head during a concert and disfiguring him.

Bringing a case involving high profile persons or celebrities requires an attorney who has the courage and resources to aggressively pursue your case.   Contrary to popular belief, these cases are not easy and are often more difficult than pursuing a claim against the average joe, because celebrities have endless resources to hire the highest priced defense attorneys to fight any claim, even when they are in the wrong.

I’ve handled several cases against high profile persons including the Insane Clown Posse, a professional NFL football player, and high profile individuals.  If you’ve been wronged, submit a free online case evaluation at or contact my firm for a free consultation at 313-965-5555.

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