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Ride A Bicycle? Now You Have 3 Feet of Space While Riding On The Road in Michigan!

How do you get around during your busy day?

Do you bike? Drive? Walk?

Well, if you are one of many who prefer biking, whether you simply enjoy the fresh Michigan air, are going eco-friendly, or for any other reason, there is now a new law that protects bicyclists from getting hit by an driver while biking down the road on your way to work.

“Give’em Three Feet”

Have you ever taken a look at the road and noticed those very small lanes with the bicycle symbol on them? Those lanes are designated just for bicyclists who are using the same road as you.

However, despite this clear cut direction for drivers on the road, there are risks that bicyclists have to deal with which can lead to accidents which then can cause injuries and death. Since 2007, bicycle fatalities have gone up 133% (wow!) and in 2016, there were a reported 1,988 bicyclists who were involved in car accidents which resulted in 42 deaths.


For a number of reasons. It could be a distraction (from either party) or, as the report also dictates, that the motorist was attempting to pass the bicyclist while they were going in the same direction.

Until this year, Michigan was a party to 10 other states who didn’t have a law that gave bicyclists a piece of mind while riding on the road alongside motorists. But now, they have joined the rest of the United States with this new 3 feet rule.

As of September 27, Michigan law now requires that, “…motorists overtaking bicyclists traveling in the same direction to pass with at least three feet of distance to the left of bicycle. If it is not possible to give three feet of space, passing must be done at a safe distance and speed.”

As well, when taking the driver’s education course in Michigan, motorists are now required to take at least 1 hour of instruction as it relates to bicyclists, motorcyclists, and pedestrians.

So, if a motorist doesn’t follow this law, what happens?

According to a strategist from the Office of Highway Safety and Planning, drivers can be given points on their license, 3 points to be exact, and a fine (which varies from county to county.)

Avoid Added Stress With A Zealous Bicycle Accident Lawyer

No matter what vehicle you decide to use during your daily routine, you should be able to feel safe while on the road. However, regardless of how safe we act, there is always that one person (whether they are distracted, intoxicated, etc) that will make a mistake that could cause an accident, despite what laws might be in place.
If you do find yourself in a bicycle accident, it can be stressful, painful, and an experience that you will take for the rest of your life. It can put you out of work, leave you with mounting medical bills, and a fear of ever getting back on the bike again. Get some piece of mind and allow us to take some of the burden off your back by calling Marko Law. Our bicycle accident attorneys will fight for your rights and get you the best possible outcome for your case. Set up your consultation with us today!

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