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Working More than 40 Hours A Week? You May Be Entitled to Overtime

You may have heard in the news recently that The Labor Department just announced that it completed one of the most ambitious economic reforms of the Obama era, finalizing a new rule that will extend overtime protections to millions of additional workers.  President Obama just announced big changes to the Fair Labor Standards Act that will increase the number of eligible overtime workers by more than 4 millions.  Overtime rules are changing and millions of Americans will begin qualifying for overtime.

So here’s the skinny:  Currently, if you make less than $23,600 per year then you must receive overtime for every hour you work over 40 hours. When the law changes on December 1st, all employees that make less than $47,476 per year will be entitled to overtime pay as well. This means that no matter what job you have, if you make less than $47,476 per year, the law requires your employer to pay you at least 1.5 times your current pay for every hour in a week over 40 that you work.

Be vigilant of your pay starting December 1st, 2016, because your employer will either need to raise your salary to at least $47,476 or he will need to start paying overtime. If you are reading this and already make less than $23,600 per year but are not receiving time and a half for your overtime hours then you might be entitled to unearned wages. If you are concerned about how the changes to the law might apply to you or whether your employer is going to follow the changes to the law then you need to speak with a professional in the area of employment law.

Check out Obama’s information on this topic here:

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