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Zach Runyan

Zach RunyanIn 2016, Zach graduated with honors from the Eli Broad College of Business at Michigan State University. Following graduation, Zach focused his attention on achieving his life-long goal of becoming a trial attorney. Due to his academic success, Zach was awarded a full-ride scholarship to attend Wayne State University Law School. While there, Zach excelled in several Mock Trial and Trial Advocacy competitions. Additionally, Zach was consistently recognized as a uniquely talented writer, which included receiving the highest scored brief in his Legal Writing course. Zach graduated cum laude from Wayne State University Law School in May 2019.

While in law school, Zach clerked for one of the most successful and well-respected Plaintiff’s firms in Michigan. During his time there, Zach advocated for clients in several high-profile cases through drafting successful motions and pleadings. Through this experience, Zach discovered his passion for advocating for injured clients.

Zach also clerked for two of the biggest Defense firms in the State. While at each, Zach played a key role in securing favorable outcomes for clients. Learning the intricacies of defense side litigation has equipped Zach with a well-rounded understanding of the litigation process. Today, Zach utilizes this understanding to deliver exceptional results to each of his clients.

Following graduation, Zach joined Marko Law to pursue his passion of advocating for injured clients. Zach successfully represents clients in a variety of cases, including personal injury matters, civil rights issues, employment litigation, injuries caused by defective products, and other litigation related matters.

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Marko Law Reviews

  • Lea J. Avatar
    Lea J.

    The staff are the best, the attorneys get great results and/ their clients are made to feel heard and justified

  • Shelby L. Avatar
    Shelby L.
    5 star rating

    I definitely recommend and endorse this lawyer. I initially heard of Jonathan Marko from a friend who met him at a Trial Lawyers College conference. The attorneys who learn at the college are top notch, and he didn't disappoint...he's brilliant, cares deeply, and works hard for his clients.

  • Tong H. Avatar
    Tong H.

    I can say that the team there is very client-oriented and friendly which was pleasantly surprising for a law firm! They would go all out for their client. The team is definitely one of a kind in the industry!

  • Dawn R. Avatar
    Dawn R.

    The world needs more protectors like Jon Marko from police brutality. He was kind, generous, and reassuring when I spoke to him. Thank you for being a defender of the every man because it's the right thing to do.

  • Michelle K. Avatar
    Michelle K.

    Marko Law made my case a priority. They were professional and diligent in making sure my needs were met. I highly recommend using them!

  • Audra C. Avatar
    Audra C.

    Talented lawyers, but even more amazing, empathetic human beings who sincerely put their client first and strive for nothing but the absolute best possible outcome for their clients.

  • Graham a. Avatar
    Graham a.

    Kirstie Magyari is not only a brilliant, tough attorney but her nonstop work ethic will assure her place as one of the most talented young attorneys in all of Michigan.

  • Kate M. Avatar
    Kate M.

    Mr. Marko has provided timely and excellent advice for legal matters I have had in the past. I would recommend Mr. Marko for any of your legal needs.

  • Joe S. Avatar
    Joe S.

    Ernst and Marko is a firm that fights for the people. I have known Jon Marko for ten years and worked with him in civil litigation and an excessive force case. He is an aggressive and tireless advocate who fights for his clients to get them justice.

  • Polly M. Avatar
    Polly M.

    Did all he could. But my corrupt county fieger is a to scared to take on a corrupt county.. who has the man hood