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Fighting Against Discrimination: Upholding Equal Opportunity with Michigan’s Leading Employment Attorney

As an American citizen, you are entitled to equal treatment, regardless of your race, sex, age, or ability. Yet many employers continue to discriminate, whether by refusing to employ certain groups of people, passing them up for promotion and raises, or subjecting them to harassment or various other harmful actions. Marko Law fights back against all types of unequal treatment. If your employer denies you an opportunity because of your gender, your race, or some other parts of your identity, we will not hesitate to defend your legal rights.

Michigan Law Firm Experienced in Cases of Sex, Age, Disability and Race Discrimination in the Workplace

Employment litigation is hardly ever simple. The facts of the case are often complex and carry emotional overtones. The workplace can be politically sensitive. Motivation for employment discrimination is usually subtle and covert, usually based on subconscious stereotyping and misconceptions. Employers seldom admit to a discriminatory motivation.

Marko Law has created a team of lawyers with extensive experience advocating for equal treatment. This means we know all the adverse ways that discrimination can impact you. Not only does discrimination make it harder for you to get a job, but it can restrict your opportunities once you are hired. A prejudiced employer might be unwilling to promote you even when you are the most qualified person for a position, or might not pay you fairly given your skills. Your employer and colleagues may also subject you to threats, harassment, and various other kinds of mistreatment that threaten your mental health and your ability to do your work. Our team can determine the effect of all these actions and will make sure you are fully compensated.

Illegal Discrimination Under the Civil Rights Act of 1964

Our firm helps workers fight discrimination made illegal by the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Title VII) as well as other state and federal anti-discrimination laws. We concentrate on all areas of discrimination, involving:

  • Gender discrimination
  • Age discrimination
  • Race, national origin, and religious discrimination
  • Disability discrimination
  • Height, weight, and marital status

How is Employment Discrimination Determined in a Court of Law?

There are two major types of evidence that can be used to verify employment discrimination:

  • Direct Evidence– These consist of written and verbal statements your employer makes that directly mention your race, age, gender, ability, or another identity. If an employer claims they’re firing you because of your age, or sends you an email containing a racial slur, you have direct evidence of discrimination.
  • Circumstantial Evidence– This includes statistical evidence showing that members of your identity group are underrepresented in management positions, statements from other members of your group that feel they are discriminated against, and evidence that your pay is less than the market rate for people of your skill level.

Both direct and circumstantial evidence strengthen your case in a discrimination lawsuit. The more evidence you gather and the better you can document it, the better your chance of gaining reparation.

Revenge and Wrongful Termination

In addition to employment discrimination, we assist employees that have suffered negative treatment because they filed a claim concerning workplace discrimination. If you have been retaliated against since you submitted a grievance or charge, opposed discrimination, or have been fired because you participated in other whistleblowing activity, our lawyers can help you review your choices and figure out the next steps.

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