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Have Your Civil Rights Been Violated?

Do you think you have a case against authorities for unnecessary force, unlawful arrest, or unreasonable search and also seizure? Do you think an academic institution or any other government organization has breached your civil liberties– consisting of free speech, the right to gather and protest, freedom of religion, gun rights, the right to privacy, due process, and equivalent protection? Have you experienced unlawful discrimination in employment or housing or discrimination based on your handicap?

If you’re considering taking legal action, you ought to talk with a civil rights lawyer at Marko Law Firm. Our lawyer that’s experienced in this area can explain:

  • which government and state laws or constitutional stipulations may apply to your circumstance
  • whether and when you need to file a grievance with a government agency before you can take legal action against¬†
  • whether the government agencies and also officials who violated your rights are legally immune from legal actions and also whether the situations in your case could possibly get over that immunity.

Civil rights and constitutionalism rights attorneys work in areas connecting to the first amendment right to free expression, assembly, and religion (civil liberties), and under the fourteenth amendment equal protection (civil rights). At Marko Law Firm in Dearborn, our civil rights attorneys share a dedication to creating a just and fair society through legal ways. Furthermore, public legal rights attorneys work on a variety of civil rights concerns. Whether that suggests defending civil rights recognition in the legal system to litigation-based civil rights advocacy. In Dearborn, our civil rights attorneys may and can work at the domestic level as well as worldwide charitable/nonprofit organizations. Also, they may operate in federal, state, neighborhood, and also international federal government organizations. In addition, they may likewise be employed with public interest law firms that concentrate on civil rights legislation.

Civil rights law handles competing interests between institutions of government along with groups of individuals. Lawyers that practice civil rights law in Dearborn are prepared to take care of situations involving discrimination and unfair procedures. Types of cases can deal with civil liberties and also liberties such as expression, employment, housing, education, and learning, or more.
So, if you believe that you have a case, do not delay in consulting a civil rights attorney in Dearborn, Michigan. Mark Law can listen to your story, answer your questions, and address any concerns you have about moving forward with your case. We can also file all paperwork before the deadline so that you are eligible to file a claim.

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