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In today’s rapidly changing economy, the convenience of technological advances has reduced the need for people to drive themselves and has created more possibilities to have others drive for them. From ride-sharing companies like Uber and Lyft to delivery companies like UberEats and GrubHub, America’s roadways are filled with personal vehicles driven for commercial reasons. However, a lot of these services can needlessly endanger our community and cause substantial injuries as a result.

Facing large companies on your own can be difficult and is usually overwhelming. If you have been hurt by a delivery or ride-sharing driver, you may be entitled to hold these companies accountable. The car accident attorneys at Marko Law are experienced and prepared to fight for you. Call us at (313) 777-7LAW for a free consultation. If we don’t reach a desirable result in your claim, you won’t owe us anything.

Can Corporations Be Held Accountable?

Companies involved in ride-sharing and deliveries often attempt to classify their drivers as “independent contractors,” meaning they are not full-time employees for financial reasons and to dodge responsibility. However, when a driver hurts others while at work, those companies may be held liable under a legal concept called “respondeat superior.” Under “respondeat superior,” a company is vicariously liable for the harm their motorists cause while on the job. This means injured parties might seek actions directly against the companies, and against the motorist.

Increased Risk

As more Americans, today use delivery and ride-sharing services, the amount of these vehicles on the road has significantly risen, as has the number of accidents these motorists have caused.

Some of the most common dangers associated with delivery and ride-sharing drivers consist of:

  • Driving While Distracted– Most delivery and ride-sharing drivers are required to use their cell phones while driving to get directions from their employer. Instead of focusing on the road, these motorists consistently shift their attention to their cell phones. Focusing on a cell phone while driving is the equivalent of driving blind, and is among the most dangerous actions a motorist can take. Driving while using a cell phone is considered by a number of experts to be as hazardous as driving intoxicated, and is a leading cause of accidents today.
  • Speeding– Many delivery and ride-sharing drivers are compensated based on the number of trips they complete. Because of this, motorists may be incentivized to drive at excessive speeds and also take hazardous maneuvers to save time. This type of driving puts at risk the entire community and places their earnings before our safety.
  • Bikes and Scooters– Some delivery and ride-sharing personnel operate on bicycles and scooters as opposed to a regular car. In doing so, many cause wrecks by hitting pedestrians or causing other cars to swerve in order to avoid a collision.

Therefore, if a delivery or ride-sharing driver has caused you to be injured, both the motorist and the company whom she or he is working for may be liable for your injuries.

What Kind of Compensation Can I Get?

An experienced attorney knows what evidence to use in order to seek various damages that may increase your possible compensation. These consist of tangible losses such as property damage, medical costs related to the treatment of your injuries, future lost income, and disability, as well as “intangible” damages such as pain and suffering.

Pain and suffering can include the actual pain experienced during medical treatments and surgical procedures incurred as a result of the crash, in addition to emotional trauma, anxiety, depression, and fear caused by the accident. Some accident victims find it harder to drive at ease after a roadway accident, and this difficulty and anxiety might be quantified into monetary damages by your lawyer.

A lawyer with experience handling similar cases might know which parties to file a claim against, including not just the driver, but also the corporate business the motorist was working for, expanding your potential sources of compensation. Further, an attorney might perform a thorough investigation to get evidence that might help confirm the suspected fault of the company and the motorist, and help validate your damages to the court and insurance companies.

What to Do After a Ride-Sharing/Delivery Accident:

Document the Scene of the Accident

Make note of any details in order to preserve vital evidence useful in proving the delivery or ride-sharing driver’s fault and showing the full extent of your injuries. If you require any medical attention at a hospital as a result of the collision, the associated costs for these treatments might be sought from the responsible party by your lawyer. This is highly important, as medical costs can be huge, and in some cases future medical expenses and treatments may be required for your recovery.

Call a Lawyer

An attorney that has handled similar claims can help you know your rights, legal deadlines, and communicate on your behalf with all relevant parties and the court. Further, your lawyer might conduct in-depth investigations to acquire all possible evidence necessary in seeking your highest compensation from the other parties.

Filing a Claim

Your lawyer might handle all the steps in filing your claim. This involves educating you of your legal rights, conducting in-depth investigations and discovery of evidence concerning the accident, which are essential in order to acquire evidence of the other parties’ suspected fault and the extent of your damages and injuries. Your lawyer might also help guarantee compliance with any applicable legal time limit, negotiate with all applicable insurance companies, and communicate and advocate on your behalf with the other parties and the court.

It is extremely important after an accident to concentrate on rest, recovery and regaining your life back. Therefore, your lawyer, by doing all of the legal work on your behalf, can allow you to focus on your recuperation while they seek your greatest compensation. Some claims may result in settlements with insurance companies and the other parties, whom, seeing the evidence your attorney gathers, might wish to avoid a loss at trial or extended legal expenses. In other cases, your attorney may be able to seek your best compensation by taking your case to trial and presenting your damages to a jury.

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