Whether you have been terminated, are a victim of sexual harassment, or just want to know your legal rights as a worker, you owe it to yourself to pursue legal assistance for sex-related discrimination. If you are a victim of discrimination, you can get legal representation, file a claim, and get a fair settlement from your employer.

Marko Law works with victims of sexual discrimination in Michigan. We can analyze your claim, establish a legal strategy, and fight for fair compensation for your losses. Facing your employer can be difficult, so don’t do it alone. Have the help of a qualified and skilled legal team that is passionate about pursuing justice.

How Do I Know If I Have Been Sexually Discriminated Against?

Sexual discrimination is not always easy to determine and even more challenging to prove. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) defines sex-based discrimination as treating somebody unfairly as a result of their sex identification or sexual orientation. There are a number of methods which an individual can be discriminated against:

  • Terms of work
  • Benefits
  • Training
  • Discharges
  • Promotions
  • Work assignment
  • Settlement
  • Hiring and firing

Sexual discrimination also includes harassment, which includes any type of unwanted sexual contact, verbal harassment, or requests for sex-related favors. Sadly, a lot of men and women do not report sex-related discrimination when it occurs. Nevertheless, those that commit this type of discrimination or harassment need to be held accountable for their actions.

Sexual Discrimination Claims We Handle

Sex-related discrimination cases are both complex and delicate. Although you want justice served, you might be worried about your case going public. At Marko Law, we deal with these types of claims with sensitivity and discretion. We have a very proficient legal team that knows how to handle and win your claim. We handle a variety of sexual discrimination cases such as:

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment can include any unwanted physical or verbal action towards a colleague or employee. It includes requesting sex-related favors or similar conduct, whether the conduct is explicit or suggested. Our legal team works with victims that have experienced any type of sexual harassment no matter the circumstances.

Hiring and Firing

An employer might work with or fire you just because of your sex. Even if you demonstrate that you can perform a job, you may be overlooked since you’re not the ‘ideal’ sex. If so, you can evaluate your claim to identify how you were discriminated against. You can not be denied employment opportunities on the basis of sex.

Compensation and Benefits

You might have the same job summary, credentials, and experience as another person. Yet, they receive higher pay or better benefits because they are of a different sex. We may be able to establish that your pay is decreased because of your sex.

Professional Defamation

Discrimination can cause long-lasting damage and can also prevent you from progressing in your profession. You might get a negative recommendation or be the target of a false rumor. When you are treated unfairly it could be you– not the at-fault party– that suffers the consequences. Nevertheless, due to your sex, your credibility is tainted, making it difficult to move forward in your career.

Aggressive Work Environment

Are you being bothered at the workplace? Are you the target of constant harmful jokes, slurs, or comments? Those that verbally attack you cause awkwardness in the workplace and create a hostile work environment. You do not need to put up with harassment if it impacts your job performance or personal wellbeing.

Damages in a Sexual Discrimination Case

Sex-related discrimination can have serious economic, professional, and psychological effects that impact practically every part of your life. Our legal team considers how you were affected by discrimination when analyzing your claim. You could be qualified to recover losses such as:

  • Lost pay, benefits, or other payment
  • The cost of finding a new job
  • Damages related to breach of work
  • Counseling or therapy for emotional distress
  • Damage to your credibility

If the offender’s actions were deliberate or malicious, you could even be able to pursue punitive damages. Our objective is to get you the maximum payment possible based on your economic and non-economic losses.

How Our Law Firm Can Help Your Case

If you do not understand your civil rights or how the legal system works, it can be intimidating to face your employer. If the implicated hires a lawyer, your ability to prove your case and receive a reasonable settlement can be an uphill climb. A sex-related discrimination attorney in Troy, Michigan, can provide you the leverage you need to win your case.

Investigate Your Claim

Verifying sexual discrimination is tough. We take extra time to examine your claim and locate evidence that verifies your claim. Our team looks for documents, speaks with witnesses, and gathers monitoring video footage to get a clearer picture of what took place. With sufficient evidence, we can identify the at-fault parties and demonstrate how their actions resulted in your losses.

Provide Full Legal Representation

A sexual discrimination case can be emotionally upsetting. You may be in a situation where you can not or do not wish to confront those responsible for discrimination. Marko Law can offer support on your behalf. We can involve the other party, their attorneys, your employer, and any additional witnesses to defend your dignity and identity.

Manage Your Entire Claim

Marko Law’s legal team has the knowledge, experience, and resources required to manage your entire claim from beginning to end. We conduct all clerical responsibilities, develop a legal strategy, handle all communication, and interact with all parties. With a trusted legal team on your side, you have the confidence to proceed with your claim.

Negotiate a Fair Settlement

Although it is difficult to determine just how much your case is worth, we pursue the maximum settlement possible. We negotiate fair compensation with the other parties on your behalf. If your employer or their insurance company rejects your claim or offers a reduced settlement, we are prepared to file a lawsuit and take your case to court.

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