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Police brutality and misconduct are all too common in our society. With a resolute police brutality lawyer on your side, you can stand up to the officers who abused you and sue for the compensation you deserve. Call Marko Law in Detroit, MI, to get a free consultation and an ally for your civil rights case.

The Police Aren’t Untouchable

All too often, it seems like the officers tasked with protecting citizens can’t be punished for their wrongdoing, but this isn’t true. Both Federal and State law, protect your right to sue for police brutality and misconduct. Some common issues that fall under police misconduct include false arrest, excessive force, malicious prosecution, and jail or prison injuries.

Thanks to laws passed after the Civil War and during the Civil Rights Movement, you have every right to be treated fairly by the police. If you feel that police officers acted inappropriately or used excessive force during a traffic stop or arrest, consult with one of our lawyers to find out if you have a case and to get justice for the way you were treated.

You Can Be Compensated

Though police misconduct cases can be tricky, our experienced police misconduct lawyer can get you the compensation you deserve. While fighting the police on your own may seem impossible, we are a powerful ally that knows where to find the evidence and how to present it to win your case.

Every member of our staff is not just working for a paycheck. We are firm believers in civil rights, and we will do everything in our power to protect your rights and get you the compensation you are owed. What happened to you was wrong, and you don’t have to simply accept it and deal with the consequences. Call us at 1-313-777-7LAW and defend your constitutional rights.

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  • LJ N. Avatar
    LJ N.

    When I lauched my business I relied heavily on the expertise and understanding that Jon Marko provided. He help guide me and steer me away from many business pitfalls that cripple start-ups.

  • Alan G. Avatar
    Alan G.

    Jonathan Marko is focused, tenacious and intense inside the courtroom, and an absolute pleasure to work with outside the courtroom.

  • Tyler K. Avatar
    Tyler K.

    The attorneys at the firm are strong advocates for their clients in seeking the client’s desired outcome. Highly recommend!

  • Holly L. Avatar
    Holly L.

    He was my attorney and couldn't of asked for a more aggressive and down to earth eager ATTORNEY! If you want a lawyer that will WIN then Jon Marko is the Man to call! I highly recommend him and we spoke whenever needed! Thank you again MARKO u were awesome:)

  • Lauren Avatar

    Jon Marko and Marko law firm are elite professionals, they are easily accessible and will do everything they can for you. Their winning cases are testament to how hard they work for the rights of their clients. I have trusted Jon Marko for legal counsel and I highly recommend

  • Polly M. Avatar
    Polly M.

    Did all he could. But my corrupt county fieger is a to scared to take on a corrupt county.. who has the man hood

  • Keelan B. Avatar
    Keelan B.

    Jon Marko did an amazing job. Amazing attorney and made a stressful situation much more tolerable. Would highly recommend to anyone.

  • Katherine O. Avatar
    Katherine O.

    Marko Law is a great place to work. The firm does everything possible to help its clients achieve the justice they deserve, and it's an honor to be a part of such a great team.

  • Philippe C. Avatar
    Philippe C.

    Jon Marko is the perfect right hand man in difficult situations getting the job done in a professional manner and, most importantly, in style. Best hair in the game!

  • Shelby L. Avatar
    Shelby L.
    5 star rating

    I definitely recommend and endorse this lawyer. I initially heard of Jonathan Marko from a friend who met him at a Trial Lawyers College conference. The attorneys who learn at the college are top notch, and he didn't disappoint...he's brilliant, cares deeply, and works hard for his clients.