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As a worker in the United States, you have certain rights guaranteed to you by law that protect you from unfair practices in the workplace. Unfortunately, employers don’t always follow the law, so if you have suffered discrimination at your job in Detroit, MI, an employment lawyer is just what you need.

At Marko Law Firm, you will find a dedicated staff that will stand by your side, guide you, and fight for your rights. Our first consultation is always free, so come in and we’ll help you figure out the best way to handle your individual situation. You don’t have to accept whatever your employer has done to you.

Defend Your Constitutional Rights

Discrimination can take many forms, and no form of discrimination is acceptable by law. Specifically, the law covers discrimination based on race, color, sex, age, ethnicity, disability, religion, height, weight, and much more. If you feel that you are being denied opportunities or pay based on the mentioned characteristics, you can fight back.

Aside from discrimination, there are several other unfair labor practices that you can fight against. Some of those include overtime, denial of wages, equal pay, or denial of leave under the Family Medical Leave Act. Also, anytime an employer retaliates against you for asserting your rights, you may have a case.

Take a Stand With an Expert

Employment law can be complicated, and on your own, it will be difficult to successfully win your case. However, the lawyers at Marko Law Firm have years of education and experience to guide you through the process. You don’t have to fight for your rights alone. Instead, team up with our team of experts to get the compensation you deserve.

If you are ready to defend your rights, call us at 1-313-777-7LAW to schedule your free consultation today.

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  • Lauren Avatar

    Jon Marko and Marko law firm are elite professionals, they are easily accessible and will do everything they can for you. Their winning cases are testament to how hard they work for the rights of their clients. I have trusted Jon Marko for legal counsel and I highly recommend

  • Joe S. Avatar
    Joe S.

    Ernst and Marko is a firm that fights for the people. I have known Jon Marko for ten years and worked with him in civil litigation and an excessive force case. He is an aggressive and tireless advocate who fights for his clients to get them justice.

  • Dawn R. Avatar
    Dawn R.

    The world needs more protectors like Jon Marko from police brutality. He was kind, generous, and reassuring when I spoke to him. Thank you for being a defender of the every man because it's the right thing to do.

  • Katherine O. Avatar
    Katherine O.

    Marko Law is a great place to work. The firm does everything possible to help its clients achieve the justice they deserve, and it's an honor to be a part of such a great team.

  • Graham a. Avatar
    Graham a.

    Kirstie Magyari is not only a brilliant, tough attorney but her nonstop work ethic will assure her place as one of the most talented young attorneys in all of Michigan.

  • Michelle K. Avatar
    Michelle K.

    Marko Law made my case a priority. They were professional and diligent in making sure my needs were met. I highly recommend using them!

  • Olivia H. Avatar
    Olivia H.

    I've know Jon Marko for years and he is simply the best. He has helped friends and family through tough times and I would trust him with any legal issue, considering that everyone I know that has hired him has had extremely favorable outcomes.

  • LJ N. Avatar
    LJ N.

    When I lauched my business I relied heavily on the expertise and understanding that Jon Marko provided. He help guide me and steer me away from many business pitfalls that cripple start-ups.

  • Keelan B. Avatar
    Keelan B.

    Jon Marko did an amazing job. Amazing attorney and made a stressful situation much more tolerable. Would highly recommend to anyone.

  • Shelby L. Avatar
    Shelby L.
    5 star rating

    I definitely recommend and endorse this lawyer. I initially heard of Jonathan Marko from a friend who met him at a Trial Lawyers College conference. The attorneys who learn at the college are top notch, and he didn't disappoint...he's brilliant, cares deeply, and works hard for his clients.